EvoTV is a range of net connected media players developed by Amkette that brings internet and web2.0 features to the television. EvoTV was envisioned to be a substitute to the growing range of Smart TVs in the market. Instead of replacing complete television sets to get internet based features users could just connect an EvoTV and get the same features at a much lower cost. EvoTV is based on the Android operating system, can connect to the internet wirelessly, and can stream local, network and internet media and audio files. Once connected users can access Android Playstore Apps using EvoTV on their television. The first EvoTV was launched in the middle of 2012 and received many positive reviews and awards. In 2013 Amkette EvoTV won the NDTV Gadget Award for the Best Consumer Electronic.

EvoView – Is the user interface which allows customization of the home screen for applications, videos, and weblinks.

EvoRemote – is a feature packed remote control which has gathered much praise as being an intuitive and advanced method to interact with EvoTV and access all the features available on it. It comes with a touch sensitive button to control the movement of the EvoTV pointer.

MyYTViewer – is an application that allows creation of live groups based on various criteria such as channels, category, terms and more for video from youtube.

Motion Gaming – allows users to play games with the motion of the remote control

Amkette EvoTV is a android based Media Player that comes with loads of connectivity, a good form factor. It’s design is nice, a small black square box that can be covered by my palm.

The Remote :
Now this is the thing that actually made me buy this Media Player, It has got capacitive buttons which when touched can be used to move the cursor, it makes it act like a air mouse, control is easy and I don’t have to move my whole hand to move from one point of screen to another, movement of wrist is more than enough.
It has got a accelerometer inbuilt that helps in control motion sense games (read not all motion games are compatible). A inbuilt Mic in the remote for Skype (yes, Skype works flawlessly)
And other Zoom in-out buttons that works when moved finger clock wise or vice-versa with media player buttons to control the music, play-pause, volume up-down, next-previous.
Gaming Mode button makes the remote more responsive and faster also activates it’s motion gaming capabilities if the game supports and is compatible to it.

Remote Specs :
Radio Frequency: 2.4 Ghz. Does not need line of sight
Range: 10 meters
Air Mouse: Works in 360’ direction
EvoTouch Functions: Touch sensor for on screen control
Gaming Mode: Motion sensors for games
Inbuilt Microphone for video conferencing and voice commands
Universal Remote functions for standard TV control
Battery: 3.7 V, 700 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable with charging cable

Android Media Player
A Powerful Remote (IMO the cost of the remote will be more than that of the box)
WiFi/Ethernet Connectivity
Loads of Games
Android 2.3.4
4 USB Ports
Mali 400 GPU
Cortex A-9 Processor
YouTube Channel
Makes my TV a Computer (Almost)
Plays almost all formats
SPDIF Output
HDMI Output

Cons :
Home Screen Lags a Bit
Force Close Issues arise sometimes (rarely)
No Bundled Keyboard
Have to change the media resolution to 1080p if I want to play a Full HD Movie.
4GB Inbuilt Memory is Less for me.
512MB Ram (1GB would have made me more happier)
No USB 3.0
Now the Main Features
UI :
It comes with a 6 Screen tiles UI which is fully customizable and I can add my own views, application, web links or a single widget inside a Tile. I Can also add Widget like Facebook, twitter on the tiles also.
On the left Corner information about weather is given and on the bottom part a live newsfeed keeps going which is again good. It’s simple, nice and does the job nicely but one thing that effects is while scrolling sideways It does lag a bit
Would rate it 4/5 (Because of the lag) (Edit : Complained about the same and they did somethings and the box is smooth now !! )

As a Media Player :
It plays almost all the formats I’ve thrown to it, be it a Full HD x264 or MKV or even a AVI file, it has played all of them easily and the quality is nice. The only thing I don’t like is that in order to have the best video quality for 1080p movies I’ve to change the video mode to 1080p which makes the system a still slower and I think 1GB Ram could have played a important part here. Never the less even at the 720p mode, it is very difficult to differentiate between the quality, have tested it on my 32 incher as well as a 42 incher regza.
As far as playing music is concerned it does play FLAC files and it’s SPDIF output gives a better sound output
Overall for it’s media player capability would rate it 4/5

Games :
I’m a Hardcore Gamer and I love these anywhere, on my phone to my Desktop and now the Media Player. IT does come with few games, but you can always download game from Play Store (yes it comes with Google Play). Have download and tried few free games currently have around 10-12 fully compatible games other than what comes in the box. As it comes with the Mali 400 GPU, the graphics quality is nice and feels like I’m playing the old classics again on my TV.
Gaming is fun and I really liked it, this is one of the best features of EvoTV that actually made me buy it. Motion sensing is flawless although it doesn’t work in every game, but for the time being happy with these few games. It Fills the gap of gaming console for me.
Overall would rate 4.5/5 (Few Very good free games out there.)


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