Moto G (3 generation)

Hey,bloggers we gonna talk about Google’s moto G third generation.yeah Like I am in love with new g is basically a series launched my Google few years back and it has become one of the important series for the Google in the mobile market industry. The earlier phones such as moto g gen 1 and moto g gen 2 were pure hit and people loved it.  I don’t know about the geeks but normal people with some little knowledge loved it.  moto g 3gen is a mid range phone and has a tough competition with Asus zenphone

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Google fixed dangerous android security hole

Google has released a fix to its OEM partners, not directly to users, which means regular users must wait until their phone manufacturers release an official software patch. Android again doing the right thing by fixing this blind spot by android .Google’s Android Communications Manager Gina Scigliano said users shouldn’t panic.As they have not seen any evidence in Google Play or other app stores via our security scanning tools,” she said. “Google Play will scan for this issue and get into deep of it. Verify app will provide protection for all the apps in the google play. and who download the apps outside of play The vulnerability, discovered by Bluebox Security, has actually existed for a while, dating as far back as Android 1.6.

shreyam duggal

Google Glass

Hey guys, you all have heard about google. google glasses is the great creating by google Google Glass is still a pre-release product that’s fairly rough around the edges.lock feature is something the google has talked about earlier.keeping user things private.
Glass Boutique, which would offer up Glassware software in one central location directly accessible from the device likewise isn’t surprising, either. Still, this is the first time it’s been mentioned, and indications are that it will offer access to both Mirror API titles like those currently available and native SDK apps that run on Glass itself.All of these changes are essentially key elements of existing mobile device platforms, like iOS and Android for smartphones. This product is the great buy for the busy and the working people by time it will evolove many other things in it.

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Review for nexus 10

First impressions of the Nexus 10 are quite positive. Overall build quality is very good, although some may find that the rubber finish on the back doesn’t quite lend it the design kudos as its metal bodied rivals. It still feels robust enough to be manhandled, prodded and poked on a daily basis, but overall build quality isn’t quite in the same class as the metal-bodied iPad 4 or Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. It’s not all bad though because the rubber finish is extremely tactile and offers excellent grip. On colder days, it’s also warmer to hold

White Nexus 4, Android 4.3 release date looks set for June



Google is still keeping its plans for new Nexus hardware close to its chest, having concentrated on helping Samsung launch its Galaxy S4 Google Edition device during the I/O event yesterday, but images of a white Nexus 4 handset have leaked courtesy of Android and Me. The handset, which the site obtained during the Google I/O conference, is reportedly an exact copy of the existing black Nexus 4 but in a white finish – complete with the glass-protected shimmering back plate.

Internally, the handset is thought to be identical to the existing Nexus 4 model – meaning it may not include support for Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G networks – but Google will apparently launch the white Nexus 4 alongside an updated version of its Android operating system dubbed Android 4.3. Originally expected to be unveiled at the I/O event, Android 4.3 now looks to be scheduled for release on the 10th of June as a free upgrade for existing Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 owners as well as coming pre-installed on the white Nexus 4 handsets.

Little is known about Google’s plans for Android 4.3, but it has been suggested that the update will include support for a new Bluetooth radio feature dubbed Bluetooth Smart. Already found in the latest versions of Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and BlackBerry’s operating system, Bluetooth Smart is designed to connect smartphones and tablets to low-power accessories like wireless smart pens and heart rate monitors – and, most likely, will form a central part of Google’s upcoming smartwatch product.

Google, for its part, has refused to comment on the existence of the white Nexus 4 or Android 4.3, but with a release date of the 10th of June rapidly approaching Android fans shouldn’t have long to wait to see if the leak is accurate.


nexus update

We are expecting to see an updated Nexus 7 in July, and we have been assuming the prices will remain the same or go down. A report from DigiTimes is telling us otherwise. They are reporting it will come in at $229, and they didn’t suggest that there will be two storage options like now. All they said was that it would be 16GB. I can’t imagine that Google would increase the price, considering it’s one of the most popular Android tablets. I also think they will continue to offer two versions, 16GB and 32GB.

shreyam duggal