samsung core


The above listed features are all available in Galaxy core…

Coming to the phone …Things I like
1. It feels pretty solid on the hand its plastic but its great
2. Camera is pretty decent for the price
3. Screen pixel density is enough so that you dont see any pixels at normal viewing distance and the screen is vibrant and blacks are really deep and high in contrast
4. Battery life is pretty good, I had GPS and 3G
always on and it gave me one full day which is pretty decent
considering i used the phone a lot. With GPS and 3G on it used
7 percent of battery while left to sleep overnight.
5. I dont play games, but when i read people complaining that
even subway surfer lags i wanted to try it and guess what
it never lagged it was fluid and lag free for the half hour or so
i played and its not like i never had any applications running on the
background, I never killed any task and it ran subway surfers pretty good
6.I had a Samsung Galaxy chat and it came with ICS 4.0 and now
Samsung has updated it to Jelly bean 4.1.2,….
so this mobile will surely get up to JB 4.3 in 5 to 6 months.
7. Screen size is perfect not too big and not too small…
8. Swipe key pad is excellent (Unless you use it you will never know how good it is)
9. No onscreen buttons like the Sony experia M, its a pain to tap once to activate the onscreen button and then press again and it does not take the screen space with a black bar
guys the best part is its light weight body
so go and grab your all new core …

shreyam duggaall